We are a unique Project Management Information System service company
Bravopm is built by a team of experienced construction professionals

Bravo International provides cloud-based Project Management Information System (PMIS) platform to assist organizations drive efficiency and collaboration their construction projects.

Established in 2016 by Willie Tseng and Lin Yeong-Cheng, Bravo International is the fruit of several decades of dedication in construction industry with profound project management experiences in various project types and the numerous customers' feedback in developing Bravopm.


From Project Management Consultant to Project Management Information System Provider

While worked in Turner International, the world-leading Project Management Consulting firm, since 1999, Tseng and Lin have participated mega projects as management roles in the project management team such as Taipei 101, The world's tallest building when complete in 2004, and several iconic landmark buildings in Beijing, China and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. They witnessed how effective PMIS can help manage complicated construction projects, which has inspired them to start their own business and provide PMIS services to the construction industry.

In 2008, they left Turner and established Bravo Management Consultancy to provide services of project management consultancy as well as PMIS services for construction projects from new building construction to fit-out works. Ten years later, Tseng and Lin are very grateful to all clients for their support and are proud of providing services to the world's well-known companies such as Google, Apple, GIC, Hong Leong Group, Kerry Group, Zara and Cathay Pacific Airline etc.

As the cloud environment becomes mature and popular, Tseng and Lin decided to make a big move to develop a new cloud collaboration project management information system - Bravopm, and established Bravo International company, a spin-off from Bravo Management Consultancy, for the cloud PMIS solution business in 2016.

Today, Bravopm has been implemented on several iconic projects in Taiwan, China, Vietnam and Indonesia, providing effective information and document collaboration platforms among developers, architects, engineers and contractors.



Bravo is committed to providing the best cloud solution for construction professionals
Bravopm is definitely a product that can compete internationally with other great systems and solutions

Bravopm – an effective cloud platform built by experienced construction professionals for construction projects.
Turner International, the world-leading project management consulting firm in construction industry, uses Bravopm to manage several projects in Indonesia and Vietnam. 

Bravopm is developed with advanced web technologies and hosted in stable and secured Microsoft Azure data center.
Whether you are building a skyscraper or fitting out an office, Bravopm can bring best value as your PMIS platform among Owner, Architect, Engineer and contractor for sharing, tracking, collaborating and housekeeping project information and documents from pre-construction to project close out.



Are you facing below problems on your projects?

  • Unable to control the progress? Unable to control the cost? Hard to manage the quality? Cannot easily register and track every punch list item? 
  • When dealing with disputes, you can't find the relevant information and documents you remember.
  • No information and lost control of unanswered RFIs, unapproved Submittals, outstanding meeting items, unsettled change orders, unrectified NCRs and punch lists.
  • The project information and documents are kept by individuals and are difficult to share.
  • The hardcopy of project documents are stored in the archive and are hard to retrieve.
  • It always takes a lot of time to prepare reports and document forms.
  • Whether the information for decision making is the latest or not?
  • Contractors use outdated drawings to cause re-work and cost and time loss.
  • Unable to housekeep project information and documents in an organized manner.
  • Drowned in the sea of emails.
  • Documents were lost after staff left or site office relocated.


With Bravopm, you no longer need to worry about these problems anymore.

No matter you are managing a huge, long term project like Taipei 101 or a small, few months project like fit out an office, Bravopm let you find and view the latest drawings, conduct submit - answer RFIs, submit - approve submittals processes and tracking your outstanding tasks with just a few clicks which saves your time for real problems solving on the jobsite and in the office.

With Bravopm's cloud solution, whether you are on the jobsite, in the office or at home, whether your role is superintendent, architect, engineer or contractor, whether you are in an offshore organization using a different language, you can access all kinds of project information and documents such as Contract Drawings, BIM Models, Shop Drawings, RFIs, Submittals, NCRs, Punch Lists, Safety Notices, Correspondences, Meeting Minutes, Transmittals, Tender Invitations, Tender Queries, Tender Addendums, Tender Documents, BOQs, Schedule of Works, Contract Documents, Payment Applications and Certificates, Change Order Requests, Change Orders, Claims, Project Schedules, Milestones, Work Done Progress and etc. via browsers on your computer, laptop or mobile devices.

An effective PMIS is crucial for successful projects. Bravopm can meet all your needs!


Bravo International is recognized as the 2019 Top 10 Construction Technology Solution Providers by APAC CIO Outlook
Bravo International is recognized as the 2019 Top 10 Construction Technology Solution Providers, which is an annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing Construction Technology Solutions and transforming businesses by APAC CIO Outlook.
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Congratulations on the completion of Verde Two project, modern and luxurious residential twin towers in the heart of Jakarta
Verde Two, modern and luxurious residential twin towers in the heart of Jakarta, was practical completed in Jun 2019.  Turner, the Project Manager, uses Bravopm to manage information and documents and collaborates with the Owner, Architect, Engineers and Contractors on RFI response, Submittal approval, NCR reticification and Safety Notice. Within 14 days after receiving the hand-over instruction, Bravo International has handed-over all project informatin and documents in Bravopm cloud to Turner in a single package which contains lists of all kinds of project documents with all attached /uploaded files and emails.  The contents in the hand-over package can be easily retrieved and distributed on Windows/Mac computers and iOS/Android devices without additional software.
The completion of signing the PMIS contract with Taiwan Kumagai for the Xindian Yulon City Project

We would like to thank Taiwan Kumagai for adopting Bravopm as their PMIS in the construction project of the Xindian Yulon City Project. Bravopm serves as the platform for preserving documentation and information. The Xindian Yulon City Project is designed by the world-famous designer, Zaha Hadid. Once it completes, it will become the new landmark of New Taipei, Taiwan.
Zaha Hadid is an Iraqi British architect. She was the first woman architect who won the Pritzker Architecture Prize and was known as “the Queen of the Curve.” Her works spread all over the world: London Aquatics Centre in Britain, Dongdaemun Design Plaza in South Korea, and Jockey Club Innovation Tower in Hong Kong.
Zaha Hadid is related to Taiwan to certain degree. Her design work in 2004, the Guggenheim Museum in Taichung city, had won her the Pritzker Prize. Later, she designed Danjiang Bridge in New Taipei city, which is expected to be completed in 2022. The Xindian Yulong City is the first design project she takes charges of from the private business in Taiwan. However, Hadid passed away in March 2016, making the Xindian Yulong City her last residential project.
​According to the first revision of the 3D architecture model of the Xindian Yulong City project, there are three major building bodies with streamline design. Once it is completed, it surely will be the new iconic landmark of New Taipei City.

Adopting a PMIS is a tendency in public construction
Public construction has always been a good opportunity for the professionals in the construction industry. In recent years, more public construction projects have demanded the applicants to adopt a Project Management Information System (PMIS) as the basic requirement. With the support of the public sectors, it would be a trend that PMIS being incorporated into the construction projects.
Although adopting a PMIS in a construction project is a comparatively new concept in Taiwan, it is not that uncommon for people abroad, who are familiar with the concept of using of PMIS whenever a construction project is being executed.
What is more, public construction projects are more strict than private construction projects. Any overdue or neglected cases will be fined. For this reason, it is very important that you should use a PMIS to manage the project and track the to-do-list.
Recently, Bravo Intl. has received some phone inquiries about our PMIS from those who are bidding for public construction. Bravopm, a cloud collaboration platform built for construction project management, is a professional and innovative PMIS. Feel free to contact us.
The completion of signing the PMIS contract with Santos Hotel
We would like to thank Santos Hotel for adopting Bravopm as their PMIS in the construction project of the renovation of the hotel. Bravopm serves as the collaboration platform for the owner, the consultants, and the contractors.
The completion of signing the PMIS contract with Sunsea Construction
We would like to thank Sunsea Construction company for adopting Bravopm as their PMIS in the construction projects of the first bid of the continuation of Taipei Art Center and the C bid of the turn-key of Guangci Public Housing. We are glad to see that Bravopm can be part of the public construction projects, assisting our clients.
Congratulation to Taiwan Kumagai for obtaining the license of Tao Zhu Yin Yuan
Taiwan Kumagai has obtained the license of being the main contractor of Tao Zhu Yin Yuan on 16 July 2018. Tao Zhu Yin Yuan, regarded as a remarkably innovative and complex building, will be executed with Bravopm during the whole lifecycle of construction. This is a good example to show that Bravopm is an efficient application and platform for construction management.
The training course of PMIS in Vietnam ALMA Resort is completed
We have finished the training course of PMIS for Vietnam ALMA Resort. The owner and PM from Turner have participated this event.
The completion of signing the PMIS contract with THTCE
THTCE has adopted Bravopm as the PMIS in the project of Chin Pao San construction. The project participants are from different countries, which shows how Bravopm can work as a bilingual and collaborative platform.